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All audio recordings are not created equal.

I help actors, singers, authors, narrators, produce professional audio.

Todays highly detailed recordings expose all of the noisy artifacts in our voices. I make your audio sound better without adding the distortion caused by automated processing. Overly processed audio is like a blurry photograph. Start with great recordings and edit only what is necessary.

Some things to improve your audio:

  • edit your dialog tracks and build comps from multiple tracks
  • de-clicking de-essing de-popping
  • reduce distortion
  • remove noises
  • even out variations in loudness
  • match ambience
  • mix your tracks, add intros and music backround
  • master your audiobook

All this helps when you want to focus on performance in the studio, get the take, and don't worry about the minor imperfections such as clicking, essing, mouth and breath noises. I can clean up your tracks in post, so you can spend less time in the studio.

Congratulations To Micha Sanger

Tobe and the River Is has been acknowledged by Global Ebook Awards. It won silver medals for a book in the Spiritual/Metaphysical category as well as silver for illustration.

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and... More awards

  • Nautilus Book Award - Silver Medal Winner (Memoir Category)
  • Ben Franklin Award - Silver Medal Winner (eBook)
  • New Apple book Award - Silver Medal Winner (Inspirational Category)

Writer’s Digest Awards: From Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

"Gorgeous phrasing, fully entrancing and sparkling with freshness. Author has a fine instinct for wowing the reader at the start, and throughout, with beautifully-crafted sentences. Even better, the effect hides the effort. Nothing about this book seems forced, which is what elevates it. Well done. Dialogue is crisp and realistic, punctuated with gestures and interaction, making sense in the scenes and living fully in the settings. Beautiful visuals…engage our senses and place us in the scene. And the wow factor of this book is masterfully-written: ‘the mind can create on a huge scale.’ In this genre as a whole, we are often told about manifesting and attracting that which you focus on, but this author’s great instinct to put power, not warning/negativity, in the reader’s mindset, is truly inspiring. Well done. Stays with the reader. "

On a scale from 0 to 5:

  • Voice and Writing Style: 5
  • Plot and Story Appeal: 5
  • Character Appeal and Development: 5
  • Structure, Organization, and Pacing: 5
  • Production Quality and Cover Design: 5
  • Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: 5

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